Spiritual Growth through Death

Death and Dying as Spiritual Growth. My name is Janis Underwood and this is me with Grandpa back in 2014. Have you been touched by death? To listen to our most recent podcast, click here.

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Dying with Grandpa

 This picture was taken eighteen days before he died. Even though he was in excruciating pain, he still had a good sense of humor and made me laugh. It was hard for the little granddaughter in me to watch the once strong and busy man suffer. And while the little girl was sad, another part of me became activated and stood ready to help with his transition. This part of me knew his death only meant the end of his temporary physical existence and my spiritual journey with him was just beginning. You see, when my grandfather died, I agreed to die, (i.e. let go of ego-based patterns), with him.  

 I don’t know what you believe, but my grandfather’s messages from the “other side” have been absolutely life changing for me. I was fortunate to be in dialog with my grandfather during the last phase of his transition. It was a gift that allowed me to actively walk beside him through and beyond his physical death experience. This shared death experience taught me so many things but most unexpectedly, gave me the gift of life.  And as his two year anniversary draws near, I find myself adding more lessons and experience to the original summary I wrote about living and dying (below).  

My summary:

Death is just another word for change; there is life after death
We can communicate with our loved ones during and after transition
Active participation with death frees us from fear
Soul contracts and agreements are honored through death
Daily ritual is a powerful tool for transformation
We must face and embrace death (relationships, job, physical health, homes, etc.) to live in full expression

This is what “Dying with Grandpa” is all about and I invite you to travel with me into and through death so you may know the truth. You are love and love is all there is. Period. It is with an open heart and strong desire I wish to guide you into death’s lessons for use in your life.

Since my grandfather’s death in 2014, I’ve walked across the veil and back with my Godfather, (who died unexpectedly and suddenly), and a woman named Barbara, who’s journey to become whole before she died blessed all those around her. To hear others’ stories about death and dying, listen to our podcast here.  

Update: On January 25, 2017, I “testified” on stage to a full house as part of Testify Austin’s monthly story telling program. Click here to read “My Travels with the Dying”



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